EL BALANCERO SRL’s SAC Laboratory Number 19

Our Calibrations laboratory is member of the “Argentine Calibration Service´s Supervised Laboratories System” (SAC). It has a documented quality system effectively implemented, as well as the technical competence required for magnitudes and scope appearing in our certificate’s Annex I, according to IRAM regulation 301:2005 (ISO-IEC 17025:2005).

What is SAC ?

The Argentine Calibration Service, SAC, is a network of calibration laboratories supervised by INTI (Instituto Nacional de Técnología Industrial).

SAC’s purpose is to give to the industry the possibility to calibrate its instruments in laboratories that have: technical competence guaranteed, reference standards traceable to the SI International Units System and technically valid certificates issued.

In order to achieve these objectives the INTI supervises laboratories according to IRAM Regulation 301 requirements, organizes proficiency tests upon its member labs and interlaboratory tests


Why should you make a calibration at a SAC Laboratory?

SAC Laboratories calibration procedures are supervised and corrected by INTI. The procedures applied to solely comply with ISO9000 quality standards (outside SAC) are subject to the customer´s and service provider´s discretion, without INTI’s supervision. The before mentioned procedures, even if they guarantee the compliance with ISO9000 formalities,  do  not have INTI’s guarantee regarding their technical suitability.

The certificate issued by our SAC Laboratory for standard weights calibration gives to these standards the legal validity to perform Periodic Verification of scales.


EL BALANCERO SRL SAC Laboratory Certificate
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