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Number. 51 - April 2007



Standard Weights Exported to Chile


In the field of metrology, INTI contributes to enable access of national products to other markets through two actions:

1. The industry’s metrological capacity development, which has a direct impact on the produced goods quality and complexity. In the case described below, INTI assisted the company to achieve the necessary laboratory accuracy, and validated such capacity publicly, by registering the company in the SAC (Calibration and Measurment Argentine Service).

2. The permanent effort to achieve and maintain the international recognition of national measurment standards, INTI’s legal responsibility.
Below you will see the specific example regarding these two actions previously mentioned:

In January, the company “EL BALANCERO SRL” made the first standard weights export to the Republic of Chile for Codelco company (Chilean Cupper Corporation). 18 1000kg weights, 15 500kg weights and 50 20kg (M1 class) weights were exported.

The decision to purchase the 500kg and 1000 kg weights in our country was made due to the lack of large masses calibration laboratories with he required accuracy (1 part in 10.000) in the neighbouring country. The Argentine company offered its weights with certificates issued by its own calibration laboratory, which is registered at the Calibration and Measurement Argentine Service (SAC), a network of calibration and measurement laboratories developped by INTI. In the offer acceptance it was considered that the calibrations traceability were maintained to the INTI national standards.

The INTI units involved in this Accomplishment were:

* Metrology, quality and Certification program.
* INTI Physics and Metrology
* INTI – Rafaela
* INTI- Córdoba.

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Number. 06- August 2005



Control of scales in elaborate concrete plants  - Luis Mettini


Pesas patrón - Básculas y balanzas de todo tipo (fabricación, reparación y venta) - Kits de conversión (mecánica a electrónica) - Calibración de balanzas, plantas dosificadoras, pesas y masas según nuestros alcances - Servicios periódicos de mantenimiento y calibración - Emisión de Informes de Calibración para cumplimentar normas ISO - Asesoramiento para el desarrollo de procedimientos - Certificaciones por INTI/Metrología Legal - Agencia SAC (Servicio Argentino de Calibraciones) para Calibración de balanzas y pesas patrón, con emisión de certificados.